Country Profile Of Vietnam

Country Profile Of Vietnam
Vietnam Map and Flag
Country Profile Of Vietnam - Vietnam is a beautiful country located in the east of the peninsula of Indochina in Southeast Asia and its capital in Hanoi. Vietnam was once a very long dominated by China, and Vietnam has a great struggle in the liberation of the country, until now the Vietnamese culture is still heavily influenced by Chinese culture. Vietnam uses vietnamese language as the national language as daily conversation.

The geographical position of Vietnam lies in the northern part of Southeast Asia, bordered by some countries and the south china sea, some limits are Chinese state in the north, the east and south by the South China Sea, and on the west by Laos and Cambodia. Vietnam is a country wide 332.698 km2, with a percentage of water area of ​​6.4%.

Vietnam population numbering more than 90 million population, and Vietnam has a fairly high population density such as the Singapore state, various residents of Vietnam there are different ethnic groups live together, with the natives vietnam remain as the majority of the population in Vietnam with a percentage of 85.7% and there are ethnic others, namely Tay (1.9%), Tai (1.7%), Muong (1.5%), Kho me (1.4%), Hoa (1.1%), Nung (1.1%), Hmong (1%), Others (4.1%) and the Buddhist religion is the religion of the majority population of Vietnam.

Food in Vietnam still has a major influence on Chinese culture as the impact of China's ruling vietnam duration, even in the presentation of the food of the vietnam still have some similarities with the Chinese culture, cuisine Vietnam also has a delicious flavor because it contains a mixture of various spices.

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