Country Profile Of Indonesia

Country Profile Of Indonesia
Indonesia Map and Flag
Country Profile Of Indonesia - Indonesia is a country that is currently the country with the largest population in the southeast Asia region. with an estimated population of 252 million people, the country has diverse ethnic groups, who live together in it, which form a harmony in life.

This island nation, has a religious atmosphere is quite high, has a majority Muslim population, make this country into a country with the largest Islamic population in the world, in addition to the Islamic religion, the country is well populated, with a religion other than Muslim, and there are 5 religious which is widely known in Indonesia, Christian, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist, inter-religious life in Indonesia, known for its religious tolerance is high, although the first time there is little disagreement in religion, but now it is getting better.

Indonesia is also known by the nature of the mutual cooperation between the community, because of cultural mutual help in Indonesia, have been implanted since the time of previous ancestors, and it is written in the motto builders Indonesia, Pancasila.

Thick tradition inherent in the people of Indonesia, making Indonesia has a wide variety of cultures and traditions or social life is embedded in society, diverse ethnic make Indonesia is known as a country with millions of culture.

In addition to cultural sights in this country has a lot of very diverse travel proper, beaches, mountains, waterfalls, and many others, both natural and artificial tourism travel, and everything is very beautiful, especially the eastern part of the country is very interesting to discover.

Regarding the culinary, do not question anymore, Indonesia is famous for its variety of spices, which will provide a new experience for you, a variety of traditional foods will give you the sensation that you will never forget.
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