Sentosa Island Singapore Map, Review, and Transportation

Sentosa Island Singapore Map, Review, and Transportation

While on vacation to Singapore you can not only visit the statue Marlion , but you also have to visit a travel which is owned by Singapore, Sentosa Island. Sentosa Island is an island located in Singapore which is separated from the main island of Singapore, the island is focused as a tourist destination during a visit to Singapore. The attractiveness of these tourist destinations are a variety of rides that accommodated therein, as well as the Singapore government seems to make this tourist destination into a very interesting destination, because the spatial layout is very neat and nice, visited about twenty million people a year.

Sentosa Island Singapore Map, Review, and Transportation
Sentosa Island Map Via Google Maps
 Sentosa island one of the tourist spots that became the pride of Singapore, the island formerly called "Belakan Mati". The island has an area of close to 5 km2 (1.9 sq mi), as well as the fourth largest island in Singapore, Seontosa Island has about 70% of secondary rainforest which has a variety of flora and fauna in it, and the government seems to be trying to expand its Singapore sentosa island region by importing the soil from elsewhere.

Sentosa Island is divided into four areas, namely Imbiah lookout, Siloso point, the beaches and Resort World Sentosa (RWS), each region has a kind of different attractions such as the time at Siloso point we could feel the giant aquarium tour, and there are various lookout imbias unique and exciting rides.

Attractions spots on the Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island has a lot of rides, such as the one vehicle that is famous Universal Studios, as a center of entertainment venues in Singapore many rides that should be in cruising, and prosperous island even as a dreamland for many people, especially children. Sentosa island has some of the playground, park facilities, sports facilities, even beautiful beaches also exist in Sentosa Island.

Sentosa Island Singapore Map, Review, and Transportation
  • Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom
    Here we can
    find many different species of butterflies are beautiful and charming.
  • iFly Skydive
    feel the sensation flew by challenging, you will never forget the sensation. Here, have a sports simulator SkyDrive world and has advanced equipment as well as security priority.
  • Crane Dance
    Enjoy incredible animatronic drama here, featuring a pair of storks that dance together, and great ni is the world's largest animatronic performances.
  • Animal & Bird EncountersSee a great variety of animal performances and smart Among them are Monkeys, Reptiles, Birds like Eagle and Old Brother Bird, a show that you will get is the animal shows provide charming and cute.
  • Segway Fun Ride
    Here segway play with your friends, browse the GoGreen circuit winding and challenging.
  • Madame Tussauds
    Photographed with world stars here, but you do not get carried away too serious in your mind, the world stars is a wax sculpture made with high art and produce work that is real. When you take pictures, your friends may be surprised you can take pictures with stars like Katy perry, but they do not know behind all this.
  • Sentosa Adventure Park
    Adventure with your family and your friends, various rides outbound fun here to try one by one, you will also find the highest and longest Flying Fox in Asia, wow all of them very challenging !!
  • Wave House Sentosa
    Get toned artificial waves, and allows you to play surfing, surfing and try to stay above the surfboard from the brunt of artificial waves challenging.
  • Sentosa Merlion Sentosa Merlion is a famous monument in Singapore, this spot is a good place as a selfie photo while visiting singapore with friends.
  • Nature Walk – Dragon Trail
    In this place you can explore the sensation of natural, forested region that has several kinds of animals and plants, such as long-tailed monkeys, squirrels, lizards and colonies of white parrot and various other birds, and also to be photographed in a dragon statue a large and unique.
  • Sentosa 4D Magi
    Extraordinary !! Here you can see an unforgettable sensation, watching movies with advanced 4D special effects, you will feel what it's like watching a movie that feels very real.
  • Sentosa Luge & Skyride
    A challenge
    for you adrenaline using the Skyride up on the hill and down using the Sentosa Luge to feel the sensation of seeing the sights from a height, at night you will feel more perfect because the lights that shine will give an interesting sensation.
  • Underwater World
    giant aquarium holds more than 2500 species of fish and 250 different species, begin your adventure of species creatures that can be touched directly, to explore a long tunnel 83 meters with views of the surrounding giant fish.
  • Dolphin Lagoon
    Giving the dolphins are cute, is designed as a natural habitat of dolphins make you feel like looking directly in their natural habitat. Wow cool !!
  • Fort Siloso Tours
    Fort Siloso Tours we can find a very interesting sensation form an atmosphere that occurred during the war, and some objects illustrate goodly to bring you to the period of world war 2.
  • Song of the sea / Wings Of Time 
    The name is Song of the sea but reportedly will be renamed Wings Of Time, here a beautiful attraction will be displayed in front of your eyes, dancing fountains and become more severe with flashing colored lights that shine gives color to the water fountain.

    Sentosa Island Singapore Map, Review, and Transportation

Sentosa Beaches

Not only playground, here you can enjoy the atmosphere of the beautiful beach, if you do not visit the beaches of Sentosa Island then you missed something important from Sentosa Island.

Siloso Beach

Sentosa Island Singapore Map, Review, and Transportation
Posts Siloso Beach, styled with the impression of a random, but cool.
Sentosa Island Singapore Map, Review, and Transportation
While at its shores, it turns white sandy beach with three small islands covered rocks, wow that is too cool !!

Palawan Beach

Sentosa Island Singapore Map, Review, and Transportation
This beach also has a long bridge, wow beach rarely have the bridge.

Tanjong Beach 

Sentosa Island Singapore Map, Review, and Transportation
This beach is sometimes used for party fun.
There is many ways to get to Sentosa Island, of course you need to read this article to see.

Complete Ways How to Get to Sentosa Island Easily

Overall Sentosa Island is an ideal play park visited during a visit in Singapore, you should try a variety of rides are also available there, and feel the sensation, you do not even enough for one day to explore the rest of the bicycle, so prepare yourself !!

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