Discover Indonesia: 10 Best Beaches in Gunungkidul Yogyakarta

Heading into yogjakarta does have a lot of consideration for many people, the uniqueness of the layout of the city owned by this city, as well as some buildings are semi traditional buildings of the palace, of course, many people also agree yogjakarta a destination for tourists looking for different sensations culture.

For in terms of nature, actually yogjakarta has the potential of beauty, as in the area of Gunungkidul and Kulon Progo, both places is district that offers nature with beautiful panorama. discover yogjakarta with a beach theme, you could try to get to the district Gunungkidul which is the most southern area of the island of Java, automatically you will find several beautiful and best beaches in Gunungkidul.

Gunungkidul is a plateau with the characteristics of the rock cliffs towering, so Gunungkidul like a natural dam which separates the beach from the mainland, when you want to explore, you will pass through many climbs and sharp turns are quite dangerous if you are not careful, you can travel by motorcycle or car. You can feel the sensation of beauty in every coast, at least Gunungkidul has more than 15 beautiful beaches with different characters, and you will be facilitated when heading to various beaches, because so many signs in each the turn to indicate the particular beach, then everything is easy..

If you do not have so much time to explore the whole, then below is a summary list of the 10 best beaches in Gunungkidul Yogyakarta.

Siung Beach

10 best beaches in Gunungkidul Yogyakarta
Explore the beauty of the Siung beach, name "Siung" taken from the local language Java, Siung means canines which is the inspiration of a single large rocks that resemble fangs monkey. From the view you get, of course, a lot of large rocks that make up the hills, and overgrown with green plants.

Siung beach, also considered some people as, the best spot for rock climbing in Yogyakarta, proven international event ever held here involving several countries. The cause of the excess was due at the rock climbing area, there are about 250 lines for climbing with levels of difficulty and different characteristics, if you proffesional climber you can try to feel the sensation.

Other activities that you can do is, you can sunbathe, or you can swim, but when you want to swim make sure that the waves are not dangerous, because the southern coast does have big waves at certain times, when the tide was dangerous at least you can play small with the water at the shoreline, or take your picture with this beach as the background. If you want to survive in a longer time, there is also a camping ground which allows you to hold the tent and spend the night.

Indrayanti Beach

10 best beaches in Gunungkidul Yogyakarta
located in District Tepus, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. The original name of this beach is actually pulang syawal beach, but it turns out there is a restaurant there which used the name Indrayanti and written large on the front of the restaurant, and visitors may be familiar with the name, because it may be the original name was too long or difficult to remember. That is why this beach is better known by the name of Indrayanti.

The beach is very interesting, this beach has complete facilities such as accommodation, food services and beverages. This beach also has a number of visitors more than the other beaches in Gunungkidul, possibly because access to this beach is not as complicated as other beaches, even a large bus can also reach this beach.

Characteristic of this beach has clean white sand, as well as some rock climbing, but not as much on the other beach. Another advantage shorelines are quite long, so well suited to sunbathing and swimming, but be careful when the waves were large, and also coral slightly hurt foot.

Jogan Beach

10 best beaches in Gunungkidul Yogyakarta

The beach is located next to the Siung beach, this beach is not visited by many people, there was not a lot of people selling food or drinks, you will only see the parking lot that is not so wide, but once you walk a couple of steps from the parking lot you will be able to see the unique panorama of this beach.

Jogan beach has a uniqueness that other beaches do not have it, do not expect you will find the coastline, as you will see a waterfall that connects to the beach, more unique because the waterfall they have the character of fresh water, means that fresh water from the river will meet with saltier water  the ocean

You have to take a photo with your camera on top of a cliff with a waterfall as the background, you can even try to go down in the position under the waterfall, you can play the water, but at certain times the waves here are really big then you should find the right time.

Nglambor Beach

10 best beaches in Gunungkidul Yogyakarta
Directly connected with the Indian Ocean, causing beaches located in the southern island of Java have big waves, but unlike the nglambor beach, the beach is like to be surrounded by a large rock that surrounds the coastline so as to prevent large waves directly hit the coastline. 

The rock forming two giant turtles who has a philosophy, turtles protect the waves hit the shoreline directly to provide a small space for humans play with the water, as well as keeping a small space into a small aquarium inhabited by small animals and beautiful coral. 

In that "small space" you can do a fun activity like swimming and playing the water, you can also do snorkeling, because if you know the beach nglambor is the only beach that lets you do the snorkeling in Jogjakarta, but not every hour snorkeling can be done, this activity is only done during low tide.

This beach has only a short coastline, and its land area is not so wide, because it is restricted directly by the cliffs, the beach is not recommended for those of you who want to bask in the sun.

Ngobaran Beach

10 best beaches in Gunungkidul Yogyakarta
One of the beaches with the uniqueness that is most different from the others, Ngobaran Beach presents something completely, you could see the white sand beaches, view of the waves,  a huge cliff that surrounds the coastline, and something different from the others, is their temple building, that built on the hill, increase the effect of culture in it, is very comprehensive nature and culture into a single unit. The establishment of the temple there is indeed based on ancient folklore, which is also the origin of the name Ngobaran Beach..

Many interesting activities you can do at Ngobaran beach, swim, take pictures and enjoy the view, at low tide you can see the green algae, many fishermen looking for a variety of marine life such as fish, lobster, etc, also usually fishermen looking for seaweed, you can buy directly there are cheaper of course.

Pok Tunggal Beach

10 best beaches in Gunungkidul Yogyakarta
Free towering tree that grows itself no accompanying, underneath is not vast stretches of green grass, as if there were no trees then at least the grass able to accompany, but not, it is simply sand beach beneath the vast outspread. That tree was living alone with no friends other plants, called tree Durah, according to local residents the tree is extremely rare capable of growing in the coastal area, then do not be surprised if you're trying to climb will be scolded by the citizens, because the tree at the same time become an icon of this beach. 

Turning the discussion, from the solitude of the tree, and again see the exciting potential around this beach, this beach has a visual display that has similarities to the beach Indrayanti outline, based on the length of shoreline that owned.

The beach with this characteristics is suitable for splashing and swimming, in this beach also you can hold a tent to spend the night and enjoy the cool evening beach atmosphere, you can also play the water at the beach at night when the waves were calm.  

Sepanjang Beach

10 best beaches in Gunungkidul Yogyakarta
Talking about Sepanjang beach, the beach is also excellent for those of you who did go to the beach intended to swim and play water, the characteristics similar to the beach Indrayanti and Pok Tunggal, the length of coastline as giving you the freedom to play with the water. 

Sepanjang beach, is a beach with the longest coastline in Gunungkidul, even touted this beach as Kuta beach long ago, the white sand, the pounding of the waves, it is very interesting, it's as picture Kuta beach in Bali, but the difference Kuta beach now a lot of people and to the natural of the beach is slightly reduced, but Sepanjang beach is still natural and even visitors not crowded as kuta Bali, which is why this beach looks kuta beach in past.

Timang Beach

10 best beaches in Gunungkidul Yogyakarta
This beach is different, when you go to the beach aiming for splashing, swimming, snorkeling, or surfing do not even wish you could do these things on this beach, but you are going to test the guts, you may be wondering, how we can come to a beach to test of guts, but it is true.

Characteristics of this beach has two islands opposite, the island called the Panjang Island and Timang Island, on the Panjang Island that usually locals looking for lobster, the high price of lobsters makes locals are not afraid to get there even though the waves hitting the coral island is so loud, residents local use of a cable car which is very extreme, even the cable was just hooking a rope from one island to another island, and it feels extreme when the car plunged into a strong wind.

If you have guts, you can try the sensation, the beach is still quiet of visitors, it is also suitable for those traveler who likes a lot of untapped human place

Kukup  Beach

10 best beaches in Gunungkidul Yogyakarta
Kukup Beach offers you a complete package of great holiday, swim, sunbathe, or just to take pictures with your friends, there are other attractions here, where there is an observation post located on a coral island called Jumino island, from there is the best spot for you see all the beauty of the panorama of the beach, you can also take a photo with your friends.

This beach has shallow surface and the waves are calm, because of the distance there seems to be a shield coral coastline, which protects it from direct hit large waves that often occur on the south coast, which is why this beach is suitable for swimming.

Retention of the waves by the reef caused the outskirts of the coast there are a lot of marine life, and even the seaside is also often called the natural aquarium, while you are swimming you can see a variety of marine life is beautiful, such as corals and fish that hide behind corals, but be careful some corals and animals can injure your foot like a sea urchin.

Krakal Beach

10 best beaches in Gunungkidul Yogyakarta
Krakal is one of the beaches on the southern tip yogya, which is predicted to be one of the beach that has more beauty than other beaches, clean white sand and the waves are relatively calm, this beach also has a long coastline.
Outskirts of this beach you can use to swim and just little play with the water, but be careful with some of the coral that's sharp, and there are some ornamental fish lovely and cute you can swim with that little fish, in some parts of the beach you can fishing if you really like it. The beach is also very suitable for your professional surfers, but make sure you bring your own surfboard because there is still not very well known among local residents so that no one rents surfboars.


Those are some beautiful beaches in the district Gunungkidul Yogyakarta. Indonesia has the character of an archipelago that the water travel is a star in the country located in Southeast Asia. Yogyakarta where you think being a tourist spot that offers culture turned out to be merely some natural potential that is hidden, for those of you who are curious, try to explore the beach in Yogyakarta, because it is very enjoyable. In addition to 10 best beaches in Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta above, there are other beaches that you can visit, because in mountain Kidul there are more than 15 beautiful beaches.
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