Country Profile Of Philippines

Country Profile Of Philippines
Philippines Map and Flag
Country Profile Of Philippines - The Philippines is a country with a long history , was colonized by the two countries, namely Spain and America , with the persistent struggle , in the end philippines can gain their independence from colonial rule , even after the second world war the Philippines had become a developed country , and above other countries which are in asia , but unfortunately over time the philippines it lags behind other countries , due to weak economic growth , corruption and bad acts committed government at that time , but now the Philippines has restructure the system of government for the better.

A country that had experienced economic weakness, turns the Philippines have in common such as Indonesia, and those two countries is an island nation located in Southeast Asia with a vast archipelago. Philippines has a number of islands as much as 7,107 islands, but the islands were occupied only about 2,000 island. In the east of the Philippines is bordered by the Philippines sea, in the west bordering the South China Sea and the south by the sea of Sulawesi. Wide Philippines is estimated at 300,000 square kilometers of water area of 0.61%.

Many islands in the Philippines led to many different variations of a very broad cultural community, from the language course at least Philippines has more than 170 local languages used in each different area, but the national language of the Philippines is still using the Tagalog language, culture philippines still heavily influenced by Spanish culture, as a result of the Spanish-owned power ever, in this country, it is proven there are many few people in the Philippines who use the names of the Spanish style. In other cultural influences in terms of any English-speaking people of the Philippines can be considered to have above average skills from other southeast Asian countries, factors speak in good English that's why the Filipino is one country that still has a strong culture of western in Asia.

The Philippines is being aggressively to promote to the world about the tourism potential they have, with the motto "It's More Fun in the Philippines" invites all people of the world feel the pleasant days on vacation in the Philippines. Having thousands of islands make the Philippines as a country rich in biodiversity and has many natural tourist destinations is very good to visit. With so many islands scattered in the Philippines they have a variety of tours to be proud of such waters travel, for example, a variety of white sandy beaches with exotic scenery will spoil your eyes, of course, not only water attractions, thrill of exploring big cities in the Philippines will provide the best sensation by displaying all forms of typical filipino architect beautiful and there are many more types of tours in the Philippines, then consider the Philippines as a tourist destination is a thing you have to.

Currently Another thing that must be traveled is culinary tourism, culinary variety will be a complement to your holiday fun day, especially if the food is food that characterizes the country you're visiting. While in the Philippines a lot of typical foods that you should try, taste flavors arouse your appetite will be presented as a complement to your experience, Filipino cuisine has some similarities with Indonesian cuisine because both countries have the same tropical climate, many are also using a variety of spices, as well as a blend of cultural styles from several countries such as mexico, spain, china, and America as well as past relationships to these countries. A mix between countries will create a unique taste sensation and gives a new impression for you.
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