Country Profile Of Laos

Country Profile Of Laos
Laos Map and Flag
Country Profile Of Laos - Laos has another name of Lan Xang or a country with a thousand elephants, this country chose vientiane city as the capital of the country, as well as the largest city located in Laos. Formerly, Laos is the kingdoms that were once dominated by the Nanzhao kingdom in the 14th century changed its dominance of the local kingdom of Lan Xangyang master until the 18th century when they finally managed to control the kingdom of Thailand. French also colonized this country, until in 1949 Laos managed to get their independence, but after the independence of Laos they still feeling many civil wars that occurred.

Laos known geographic location as a locked state, since locked the middle surrounded by many countries of Southeast Asia, so that Laos does not have a region that juts into the sea, has an area of ​​236.800 square kilometers. Laos bypassed by the Mekong River, and the area around the Mekong is a populous region that serve as the residence of the people of Laos, as the Mekong into a source of their daily livelihood, Laos also has the lowlands and highlands, one of the highest peak in Laos are at Phou Bia mountain with an altitude of 2,817 m above sea level. Laos also has a National Biodiversity Conservation Area that is wide enough even estimated as the largest conservation park in Southeast Asia. Climate is happening in Laos invitation monsoons in May to November rainy season occurred, in December to April dry season occurs.

Laos population numbered about more than 6 million people, and Theravada Buddhism as the majority religion of the Laos people, Laos population consists of ethnic Laos 50 %, 15 % Khoutheung, Thai 20 %. Laos population consists of some racial groups are the Mon- Khmer ( the largest ethnic group in Laos ) , the Thai, the Meo and Yao, and the Lao people who inhabit certain regions. Using the Lao language as the national language, but French language is still used by some circles, as well as Laos has a rich cultural tradition and has many distinctive cultures of Laos such as music culture.

Many interesting places that must be visited in Laos, if Laos is a country locked up so they do not have sea travel, but laos has a stunning natural attractions, as the country has vast natural conservation, diversity of biota in nature conservation is very interesting to explore, as well as many Buddhist statues that stand in Laos, as a sign of how many unique buildings in Laos, continues to culinary, culinary Laos is also very interesting to review one by one, a lot of delicious foods there, then you have to try different cuisines Laos when you visit Laos, there is also a French cuisine in some corner of the city in Vientiene because once the French had dominion in Laos, so there is a French culture is still firmly attached to the people of Laos.

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