Country Profile Of Thailand

Country Profile of Thailand
Thailand Map and Flag
Country Profile of Thailand - Thailand is a beautiful country that has the name "Thai" means freedom, Thailand is a designation in English in the original language called Mueang Thai, Thailand bordering Laos and Cambodia to the east, Malaysia and the Gulf of Siam in the south, and Myanmar and Andaman Sea west.

Thailand amended on May 11, 1949, formerly known siam name changed to Thai, but siam name is still used by some of the Chinese minority population living in Thailand because Thai name refers to the ethnic Thai.

Thailand has a national language is Thai language, Thai language is quite difficult to learn, in addition to spelling difficult, it turns out the letter Thailand is also difficult to understand, so you have to collect extra intention to learn this language.

State central Thailand, located in the city of bangkok at once became the largest city in Thailand. With an area of ​​514 000 square kilometers, Thailand does not quite have the vast waters, the waters of Thailand only just around 0.4% only, the population of Thailand is estimated to amount to more than 66 million people.

Tourist attractions too, Thailand is seen as the southeast Asian country that has a variety of tourist destinations is very interesting, one example is phuket, even world-class soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo has ever vacationed in this place. In addition to phuket many more attractions that can be explored.

Culture Thailand is widely known to the world, especially one that is a worldwide martial muay thai, martial has been widely studied in many world, even muay thai also frequently appears as a martial art that appears on the Thai action movie.

Thailand cuisine also has a distinctive flavor, and culinary Thailand is very popular in many countries, spices thailand use a variety of spices combined into one and become very delicious unity and provide outstanding taste that unforgettable.
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